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Welcome to Augoeides wiki! Augoeides (formerly known as HiddenProject) is one of the best AQWorlds Private Servers ever!

Come and be a part of the contributors, and bare witness to the newest information and talk! We're glad to help anyone who wants to help but doesn't know how to do what's needed.

InfinityArts Stress test of V4 can be accessed from. here.

You can follow us on the main game page here.

You can follow up to date news here.

Join our active group in Facebook, Augoeides Players.

Please note: It is a pain for everyone if people do not follow templates or post inaccurate information. This is not a race, so please check and recheck all information you post for new releases, and make sure they follow the same format as the majority of other similar categorical entries. Remember, it's not a competition, it's a service to help InfinityArts Team and the HP Community. Thanks and have fun editing!

IMPORTANT: You see that last line where it says 'Thanks to whoever'? It's where you can put your name in for adding to the page. However, you must do this WITH your edit, NOT after your edit. Adding your name on it's own does NOT count as contributing to the page, even if you've done so before. If you care to put your name onto a page, do so when you edit it. Names will be removed if they've been added without anything else contributed to the page with that edit. This is also stated in the Wiki How-to/Q&A page, but I put this note here because I get a lot of questions asking things like "why'd you remove my name? I added to the page!" Well, now you know.

Frequently Asked Questions

(If you have any suggestions for questions, please feel free to either PM me or post them here. Once a suggestion has been accepted/declined, I will delete the post after a few days.)

Q: Do I need to be an upgraded player/be a certain level/have a certain item, in order to become a Wiki Helper?

A: Absolutely not. Anybody can become a Wiki Helper, regardless of how good/bad your in-game account is. We are only looking for people who are experienced with the wiki and basic mediawiki code.

Q: Can I be a moderator?

A: No.

Simple Wiki Rules

1) No profanity, inappropriate material, or content.

2) No harassment.

3) No trolling.

4) No spamming (advertising, bumping, and multi-posting included).

5) No trick links/pranking

6) Staff may delete and lock messages at their discretion.

7) No posting unreleased or staff-only items.

8) Please be accurate.

New to Wiki pages ? Learn how to do a wiki page now.

Guides on how to Edit a Page can be found here.