Recent Changes & Additions

Hey players, so a few months back I released a class called Seraph of Life. 

(Yes I know it was hard as all hell to get) 

It's probably the best class i've ever made, and one of the best in the whole game. Which explains its difficulty to obtain.

However, as of now Seraph Orb is rare. Meaning only the owners of the orb can get the class from now on, as you've had almost half a year to get it. It was from the Nulgath Merge Shop in /join initium. (I also raised the droprate of my Erebus Approval from 1% to 25% just for 24 hours.)

Also, I released a class called Dragoon in the Trophy Exchange Shop on the Game Menu. 

It's simply a class for PvP, it may or may not be buffed depending on how y'all like it.


Player's Soul x50 - Dropped from players in PvP.

PvP Trophy - Automatically dropped in pvp when you win.

Erebus Approval x25 - Nyx in /join duskwood (1% droprate)

I'm also going to try and release some Winter themed content, hope you enjoy.

Published by Erebus