Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Greetings everyone, and merry (a bit late) Christmas and happy coming New Year!

You guys are fighting well in the Black Winter War, from what I see, and that's a good thing. It means, that even if you win or lose the war, you will still be getting the Boss Fight on the New Year's Eve, at Midnight, January 1st, 2018! (Note: This will happen on the Finnish timezone, so check your time converters to find out what's the right time for you!)

We, as a team, have been working on the war finale for you guys, and we are happy to announce that the map will be all-new one by one of our newest map makers! Not only that, but Erebus has crafted an awesome item set known as the Doomsday Warrior (contains armor and accessories for it!) as the reward for defeating the coming war boss. Actually, not just only for defeating the war boss, but also for the Frostval 17 Giftboxes - which you will be using for the items during the boss!

The War Boss will drop Doomsday Gems, which you will need for the set, along with 1 Frostval Giftbox per each item. Basically, to get a item from the set, you will need one Frostval 17 Giftbox and one Doomsday Gem, to clarify it up.

Also, the Eternal Chronomancer and Immortal Chronomancer classes will be coming shortly after the New Year's Eve, along with the C'Thun Class (New version of Kathool Adept!) Make sure to have the following requirements before those classes arrives:

Eternal Chronomancer & Immortal Chronomancer:

  • Rank 10 Chronomancer - Reputation
  • Eternal Chronomancer - Armor (for Eternal version)
  • Immortal Chronomancer - Armor (for Immortal version)

C'Thun Class:

  • 1,000 x Token of C'Thun
  • Super-Secret C'Thun Giftbox

The classes does not have release date exactly yet, but they will be arriving still on the first, OR second week of January 2018. Also note, non-VIP players will only be able to get the Eternal Chronomancer. Immortal Chronomancer will be a buffed-up VIP-version of the Eternal version of the class!

That's all of the announcements for today. Oh, and don't forget to check out the Log-In screen, it has a festive music for the end of this season, even if our Frostval 17 event itself were a dark one!

Published by Roxas