Frostval 17 - Black Winter WAR!

It is time. The Black Winter War has just begun! The world is (hopefully not) coming to it's end, and you've got the only chance now to stop it from happening - fight for the sake of the world, and for the rewards, too!

/join BlackWinterWar to begin. The Game Menu also has been updated! Note that there are milestones for this war at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% to unlock - meaning that things gets added in, waves gets something... and all that. Oh and note that waves' reputations changes between each 20%, too! On top of that, at 50%, the war becomes faster a.k.a more war medals WILL drop on that point.

0%: Chronomancer (new rep)
20%: Dark & Light Reps + New Quest that allows to continue farming for Chronomancer Reputation
40%: Legacy & Decroya Reps + New Quest & Infernal Lieutnant Class buff!
60%:  SnowStorm & Lucifer Reps + New Quest ( 50% also buffs the war waves )
80%: Insanity & Mastermind Reps + 2nd Last quest along with... a surprise!?
100%: War BossFight (if the war is won) + Glacial Berserker Class (easy to get, available only if the war is won) and Immortal Chronomancer Announcement!

Note though, that you CAN lose this war! You have time only until December 31th - January 1st to win, otherwise, the war will be lost.

Published by Roxas