Frostval 17 - The Icy Caverns of Frostval & The Double-Raid Ev


Today's the exceptionally early release day of this week! Everything for this week is ready, and it only means one thing - it's release time! And of course, we'll have a quick breakdown for you about what is happening this week for you.

Firstly, the Kathool Adept - Class has been buffed slightly! A small damage buff has been applied to the class' skills, along with few of the skills had their cooldown reduced. Only thing here is, that each of the skill had it's mana costs increased by 100. (Which barely would be even seen, I presume, after having tested out these changes.)

Secondly, the Frostval's Seasonal Double-Raid Event (and the first of it's kind!!!) has officially begun! Go back to /join Frostvale, talk to Chronix, and hit the To Battle! - button he has, or just /join IceCave to enter the Icy Caverns of Frostvale. There, you'll be able to farm the ChronoLords for EXP, Gold and Class Points (slightly better amount than usual, but only for limited time) along with rare items such as helms, weapons and capes. Best thing here is, that you DO NOT need the Raid Pass to access.

You can also find Queen of Monsters outside of the cave (first of the two raid bosses of this event!) to be able to farm for Frostval 17 Giftboxes which you need to keep safe until the end of the year to be able to merge for this year's gifts. (The old boxes that you've held, you're recommended to get rid of - there's no plans to update them, because I'll focus on these new ones from this point on.) You'll also be able to get two new armors as well as three new pets from this boss, too!

Also for the last thing of this post - deep inside of the cave, you'll be able to find Kathool, who has been possessed by the Old God known as C'Thun. Put on your sounds, and fight him - you'll hear his terrifying voice! IF YOU MANAGE TO DEFEAT HIM, MAKE SURE TO KEEP THE TWO MISC ITEMS HE CAN DROP - THEY WILL BE VERY VALUABLE FOR YOU SOON!!! One of them will be merged into the new Kathool Adept Class at the end of the year, while another of them will become a Shop Pet, that'll allow you to open one of the shops (which one though, will be a surprise!) after the pet releases!

About the C'Thool boss though - he's fast, immune, and has two DoT skills. You should gather a party that heals and dodges a lot while doing decent sum of damage - you'll need EVERYTHING YOU HAVE to fight him. He is completely optional boss and not required at all so you can skip the fight against him if you please, but if you do want to try a challenge, he's there for you.

Oh and, /join RaidEvent map is now rare.

That is all for this week... or is it? ;-)

Published by Roxas