Frostval 17 Announcements - Raid Event, Giftboxes, Class Detai


Today is sure a big day for a lot of announcements! Even if I've announced majority of them on Discord, I'll do so here too, for everyone to read.

This week, the first of our double-trouble raid events happens, and it's right before the Black Winter - Frostval Event begins! You are going to fight off against the Queen of Monsters (a old boss, a raid version of it) and an all-new boss, C'Thun! But C'Thun appears in a body of Kathool (even though he has his own voice clips from Hearthstone) , which can also only mean one thing...

An all new Kathool - themed Class is right around the corner! Yes, that's right, there will be a second Kathool themed class coming around at the end of December, or at the latest in the early beginning of 2018. This will be to celebrate the arrival of C'Thun in form of Kathool, the ancient one, once more. Note though, there's just a little catch...

C'Thun will be an actually challenging Raid Boss that you should think twice of before challenging him! Yes, that's right, C'Thun will be a challenge boss. Not only that, but because he's also an Raid Boss at the same time, he's intended to be very difficult, and not even required to kill, at all. So do not worry, even if you cannot defeat him once he arrives, there'll be other stuff on this coming release, which'll be what I'm talking about next.

Frostval 17 Gift boxes are also arriving this week! They will be available as 50% drops from the Queen of Monsters, who will be the other raid boss of this coming Raid Event, the one which'll be actually a bit more easier to kill than C'Thun.  You are going to be able to get up to 10 Gift boxes to your inventory only, and at the ending of Frostval 17, the items you will be able to merge them into, will be released outside of Frostval event areas. This is an all-new way to allow people from this year on to be able to merge their gift boxes into their actual gifts at any time of the year, as long as you own at least one copy of the boxes. Note though, that they are going to be unmarketable, so make sure to think before getting rid of them! The gift boxes that are coming, will be available as long as the Frostval events of this year are there as well. Which also leads us to the last thing about this announcement, which is...

The Black Winter Wars begins next week! And yes, you heard me, wars. Not just one, but two wars, which'll happen back-to-back, meaning that the second one starts very soon after the first one ends. This is also the actual story of Frostval 17 as well at the same time! You will be taking part of one of the villains' actual real finales, before the new year begins, which'll witness the rise of a new hero, who you'll be working alongside with during the coming year.

Stay tuned for more information, and as always, look out for anything I might announce at any of possible times!

Published by Roxas