Frostval 17 - The Black Winter


Today is the day to begin the yearly Frostval Event with the opening of the seasonal Frostvale - map! Yes, once again, at this time of the year, /join Frostvale has opened for another Winter-themed season. So why not to go, and check out on the seasonal items once again? As an added bonus, I have added FOUR items of the past releases of mine that are FREE TO GET FOR EVERYONE! This special promotion is available only this Frostval season, and only during the following Frostval Seasons as well.

What is a Frostval Season, you may ask? Well, it's the time period of the Frostval / Winter events that will happen - and this year around, the actual events with story starts on the week of the Christmas eve, on 22th of December. (Next week, we will be having a Ice Cavern themed dungeon... most likely!) On the given date, the actual Frostval 17 Event will begin, which I will be talking about next, as it's an unusual one comparing to the older Frostval events of mine's.

This year around, I've decided that this year's Frostval event is going to be darker than usual - two wars to be fought back-to-back, while keeping the security of the world safe from the final assault of the most unexpected villain this far. The same villain has prevented the snow from falling to majority of the towns as well, and plans to completely throw everything out of balance before getting destroyed himself... unless he manages to complete his rebirth! (Which's also having a very high chance of happening.) This is why this year's Frostval events are going under the title of the Black Winter.

This is basically a one-time opportunity for me to do a different themed Frostval storyline, and I'll sure be trying my best to make it a good one!  (Just because next year's Frostval event most likely will follow up the annual theme it usually does.) Another reason for this kind of decision is the closing of the 3rd Anniversary of mine's - this chain of events that's coming, I've been sort-of preparing for!

Oh and as the last thing, the Frozen Vampire Lord - Class is coming up soon. Are you prepared for it? Make sure to check our Discord channel's Announcements-channel to see the requirements for it! Also, if you have any questions regarding the decision of this Frostval Event I've decided to do for this year, feel free to ask it in the Game Questions - channel on Discord, as well!

Published by Roxas