Frostval 17, Main Story and MORE!

Greetings, everyone!

Today is the day when I'm officially announcing the next storyline update which will take place this month - which is also part of the Frostval 2017 Update sequence as well - the War of the Devils! Yes, this one were cancelled and resumed way too many times, but this time around, it is truly going to actually happen.

So, I've decided that this year's Frostval Event is going to take a little bit of darker twist in the beginning of it; the partial area of the world hasn't seen the snow raining down like usual... such as the town of Initium, for example. This is explained by the mastermind behind all of this - Guldan the Warlock, who has gathered an army from the fragmented soul of the villain you have fought before. Yes, an army of Lord Valoth clones is coming to the town... all sharing the powers that the former Dark Lord did! This sure sounds insane, but never fear... as the Hero of Light, you are able to overcome all the obstacles - even this one. A fragmented soul shattered into million pieces, made to attack you personally, doesn't sound too bad than it should. Also, should you win this coming'll also finally learn the way of finding Jack Hallberg, the only person capable of putting an end to the Dark One's soul-- or... souls! Guldan doesn't know a thing about this Jack though, which's good for the heroes.

As another announcement, I'm wanting to announce that I'll be also hosting a Giveaway Event / Contest of my own soon, too - with prizes that'll be announced later before the event takes place! The coming event will be a simple one; you'll fill out a form, and you'll enter the giveaway automatically by doing so. I've planned that this would take place around in between of Christmas and New Year's Eve, so people would be able to actually attend to it.

Also... this week, the Vampire Lord Class is coming along with returning Frostval Seasonal maps - this time around there's more than one map you'll be able to revisit from the past!

Oh and lastly, the rumors speaks about the Immortal Chronomancer coming this month too... the rumors also says that it'd be the Frostval/Christmas Class for this year! More details about that coming later, once the time for it is coming.

Published by Roxas