Black Friday LQS Announcement!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Today is the day for the announcement about the annual Black Friday LQS update schedule. As mentioned, the Black Friday LQS goes live this Saturday, 25th of November (unless my real-life crush comes to visit me for the weekend, in that scenario it'd be Sunday!) and I've already come up with a decided schedule of the update itself, regardless of the day it happens on. 

Alright so, if everything goes according to my plans, this Saturday, at 10 PM Server Time (Correct, the same time as before!) the LQS will be updated with the 2017 Black Friday items for you guys. They will be given a stock of x 100, and there also will be the promised restock for the items as well - the restock on Cyber Monday will be still the promised x 50, at the same time as the Saturday's initial stock update.

Note though; if delays with the Black Friday LQS is going to happen, you guys will be informed - and of this time around, a compensation will also be given in some sort of form, IF delay would be happening. After all,  one can't stop the real life from happening... but we're still heading to go for the initial & announced time schedule for the update regardless!

Be prepared, gather your RC's, for you are going to require them in this coming update! 

Published by Roxas