Spoilers - The Future of FireFall

Happy advanced Thanksgiving, everyone!

So, I decided to write some spoilers about a storyline that I have planned for you guys. A storyline that might begin either this December alongside the Frostval event , or at least right after Frostval. But still, either way... the planned storyline I've got in my mind is about the future of FireFall and what happened after Lord Valoth were banished from it.

It has been years since the town were left without any life, or without anyone to even lead it. The town became basically a ghost town - and this is perfect for Guldan the Warlock to build an home to there as of right now. Yes, a warlock who has been watching over the world for months now, has decided to arrive. Guldan is nowhere near a hero though, so you must be ready! Also, if you compare him to Lord Valoth... Guldan has no plans on forming a Legacy, that would fall within the first few years of forming it. Guldan has a bigger plan, and as always, even he needs to test the heroes of lore first before starting anything. Something will happen yes, but what would it be? Only time will tell... Rumors also says that Guldan might as well as do nothing! But you, as the Hero, must confirm these rumors that's for certain.

For some people, it might feel good to return to a familiar town once again... while for some others, it might not. And for some, it might be an all-new experience! One thing for certain though is, that this coming trip to FireFall somewhat soon won't be like your previous visits were. The time will only tell what will it truly be!

Stay tuned for all-new FireFall Storyline that's coming... soon!

Published by Roxas