Coming Soon - Crush the Weak & Black Friday!


After a bit of thought, and after calculating my available free time now that I'm an university student, I've come to new results about me and my free time for Augoeides. It turns out, that our studies right now is not even nearly that much time consuming than I first thought they would be when making the decision about leaving, and thus I've decided to still work on the weekly releases alongside to the university stuff! (I did notice during my 3-4 week absence that there is no events going on and I put a second thought to my decision and here we are, still in action!

But anyways, about the releases - the schedule for them has been changed. Originally, there'd have been two wars coming but things happened with the plans I had in my mind for you guys, especially when I had to switch computers recently, making me lose the work I had done towards the coming wars in advance.

I still have something planned to kick off the start of the new release schedule, though! This week, after the Thanksgiving Celebrations are over, there will be a Black Friday LQS on Saturday, 25th of November and it will include a handsome amount of rares that will be available during that only precise LQS update. They will be given a stock of 100 each, with a restock of 50 on Cyber Monday.

Speaking of which, the annual Cyber Monday Raid event will be coming soon on your way, as well! Prepare and suit yourselves, for you are going to farm for your Cyber Monday rares, starting this Tuesday, 28th of November!

Also... Frostval Celebrations are going to start shortly after the Cyber Monday Raid... are you ready for chilling adventure alongside one of your past enemies, to uncover the secrets behind the mystery of this year's Frostval celebrations? Prepare, for someone, or something, is keeping the snow from falling to certain areas... and only one person - a villain, knows how to stop it!

Published by Roxas