We are hiring Ambassador!

ATTENTION: @everyone ! Augoeides is now hiring new Ambassadors! If you feel like you're capable of helping out the community, whether it's with answering in-game questions or supporting a player as they make their way throughout the game, please apply! Best of luck for all of the potential Ambassadors that are out there!

-Make sure to be active at all times. 
-Willingness to help out within the community.
-Know a good amount about Augoeides' content, whether it's about the current release, what classes are good/bad, and the worth of an item. 
-Also, be capable of speaking proper English, either mostly fluent or 'preferred language'.

IGN (In-Game Name):
Languages you speak:
Where are you from:
How often are you online:
Reasons for wanting to be an Ambassador:
Short bio about yourself(nothing too lengthy, please):

Rules, if you're accepted:
1) Respect your co-workers. Treat them the way you want them to treat you.
2) Respect all players, and don't offend anyone. Even if they do offend you, learn to turn the other cheek.
3) You will be expected to actually do your job. Don't consider lazing about, unless you have a good reason for it.
4) If you receive 3 warnings, you will be automatically demoted. No ifs, and, buts, or any 'second chances'. Them's the ropes.
5) Each rooms holds at most 2 Ambassadors, so as to not let anyone feel that they're the only one doing all the work.
6) Be active. Not just in /inn or /initium, but, be ready to reach out to players. If you choose to be inactive for the time being, report to Ambassador Lead and explain why.
7) Make sure to have strong classes, as players will expect you to help them out with either quests or difficult boss fights.
8) Whenever you log into Augoeides, make sure to be on the Discord Server for it, as well, as players will also ask questions from there.
9) Do not abuse the name of an Ambassador. No trash-talk, no passive-aggressiveness, none of that.
10) Report any rule-breakers or complaints to Community Managers.

Ambassador Warning System:
1) Abusing an Ambassador's name, and treating it as a joke - 2 warnings.
2) Insulting a player(or players) - 1 warning.
3) Begging for items or RC's - 1 warning.
4) Spamming in /inn, /initium, or anywhere - 1 warning.
5) No flaming(rather, starting drama) - 1 warning.
6) Using /world chat inappropriately(or spamming it) - 1 warning.

Published by DaDa