We are hiring Wiki-Writters!

Greetings: @everyone ! Augoeides is also hiring Wiki Writers! That's right, we are in need of folks that are not only just capable of providing information for the game's wiki, but also, those that think they're capable of cleaning it up, and making it presentable, to the players that access it. Good luck to any and all potential Wiki Writers!

IGN(in-game name):
Languages you speak:
How often you're on the wiki:
How much do you know, of HP:
A short bio about yourself:
Reasons why you want to be a Wiki-Writer:

Rules, if you're accepted:
1) No inappropriate content. This includes: wiki pages, a user's page, signatures, basically anything that's on the wiki.
2) Don't harass other wiki-writers. This means: do not leave any derogatory comments on their pages.
3) No trolling. I'm sure you know what this means.
4) No spamming (advertising your page, bumping empty ones, multi-posting)
5) Staff may delete and lock messages at their discretion. Be aware of this.
6) If you know of any unreleased content or staff-only items, keep them to yourself. They're for your eyes only.
7) Please be accurate. As in, actually know what you're talking about.

Request Account Link:
Wiki Link: http://augoeides.world/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
Guidelines on making pages: http://augoeides.world/wiki/index.php?title=Templates

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