3rd Anniversary - War of Seas: Discussion Thread!

Greetings everyone,

Tonight I decided to write to you guys about the coming release - War of the Seas. It will be officially the longest war in Augoeides up to this far; as it has 3,500,000 waves enemies for you to take down. But because of this, I wanted to also listen to your feedback about something - which's about the war farming stuff that you guys would love to unlock as the war progresses!

So yeah - this post is meant for you guys to comment on what of the old (but NOT RARE) stuff (Reputations, Merge Item Resources) you would like to see being able to be farmed during the coming war. I will personally read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT that you guys put to this post, and I'll consider of the farmables based on the feedback given. If possible, please also provide a reason to your suggestion, as well!

Every single comment is important! I'm looking forwards to your suggestions.

Published by Roxas