3rd Anniversary - Third General of Legacy + Quests!

Greetings guys,

Today is the day when you face off the last of the Generals of the Legacy trio. Go now, travel to /join ThirdGeneral map, and talk to Shrade, the Messenger of the Dark Lord. He will give you three quests that makes you to fight the Generals of the Legacy again. Note though, you need to complete /join LightRealm first to access the quests! Last of the quests gives you item rewards such as Vampire Lord and Enchanted Vampire Lord - armor sets. Vampire fans rejoice; you've been heard!

Also... did you hear that a war is brewing on the horizon? A massive fight to attempt to stop Lord Valoth's rebirth is going to soon begin. Will you be there to attend? The war is coming... very soon! (It will be the next release.)

Also don't forget to fight the Ultra 3rd General of Legacy - you've got a chance (20%) to get Vampire Lord Class Token which you'll need along with resources from /join FirstGeneral map to get your Vampire Lord Class, which'll be coming at the end of the coming war this October!

Published by Roxas