3rd Anniversary - Double-Release Friday!

Greetings guys,

Second installment of my 3rd Anniversary releases is live. Today, you're going to fight against the 2nd General of Legacy along with Valtrith once again - both has items in store for you!

1st General of Legacy fight is still available at /join FirstGeneral map and it won't be going rare. The button has been replaced with a button that leads you to fight the 2nd General of Legacy this time around. The normal version drops two new non-skill fused weapons, while Ultra version drops a countless amount of skill-fused weapons: including buffer and debuffer / defensive & offensive weapons. Get them if you're able to - they should be worth of it!

Not only that, but Valtrith has returned. Check your game menu for a button that leads you to /join MogloChallenge map and take him on - if you dare. He drops a number of Halloween themed items along with Pumpkin Commander Class (requires reputation to use) which has been just buffed!

The third installment of 3rd Anniversary releases includes the 3rd General of Legacy fight soon. After that, the first of two Anniversary Wars begins!

Stay tuned for more, and enjoy!

Published by Roxas