3rd Anniversary - The First General of Legacy REMAKE!

Greetings again guys,

It is time for another release for this week already. Today, you are going to experience the old memories of fighting the first General of Legacy once more, noting that the first encounter against him happened back in 2014. Go now, travel to /join FirstGeneral - and take him down! (Or just hit the button in your Game Menu.)

If your fight is successful, you may obtain also one of three new misc. items from the normal one, and one from the Ultra version, which you require to create the all-new GENERAL OF LEGACY CLASS! Yes, you actually get to become one this time around! You need also Rank 10 Legacy - Reputation to get this Class along with the necessary resources. You cannot trade/sell/buy these resources from anywhere else; so make sure to get a nice amount of them - they'll be used in future, too!

ALSO: To find the Class, you can find it from Valoth's Legacy Shop at FireFall, or from Halloween 2017 Shop at Moglotium. The class won't go rare.

1st General of Legacy - Drops:

  • Diamond of Valoth 25% Drop
  • Gem of Valoth 10% Drop
  • Totem of Valoth 5% Drop

Ultra 1st General of Legacy - Drops:

  • Voucher of Valoth 10% Drop

This list will be updated if more drops will be added to the boss. Have fun, and stay tuned for the Second General of Legacy - remake, it's going to be next in line soon, as well!

Published by Roxas