Halloween 2017 Pt. 1 - Moglotium Arrives

Greetings everyone,

Today's new release is live!

Travel to the new returning area - Moglotium! It is the Faroff from 2014, and yes, it's the exact area where my character were first ever seen. This year, the old map is used as a hub-area for Halloween 2017 special event releases which'll include something from Friday the 13th as well. (These releases will carry over to November, as well, due to the schedule plan changes I've had to make due to me moving to a new home and such, along with DragonFable's Friday the 13th release which takes place this week and AQWorlds' Anniversary event, as well.

But there's no worry about this one - we're starting our celebrations today already! Since this will be my THIRD ANNIVERSARY EVENT now, I'll try to make it also awesome as these weeks goes by. But for now, /join Moglotium or hit the button in your Game Menu to access the old memories once again! This comes with a buffed MageKnight Class and set once again as well as all-new buffer class: PumpkinMancer!

Have fun and enjoy!


Tuesday, 10th of October to Friday, 1st of December, 2017

Published by Roxas