The Realm of Light is LIVE!

Greetings everyone,

In today's release, you guys are going to the Realm of Light at long at last. You will meet up with Eraqus once more, and he'll be giving you a set of 4 gauntlet quests, that will prepare you for a rescue mission that's to come. You've got to test your power against four of the targets that are awaiting for you, before you'll invade the Realm of Darkness, with only a single goal - to rescue the one and only true Lord Valoth, the good version.

Something's odd even within this one though - it appears, that the evil/fake Valoth is also rising again. The rumors says that he is being reborn at the very moment - and he already can by now maintain his former form. It will be almost complete though - so the next time you meet him after this encounter, well... he'll be on his new form already.

The release is LIVE! Travel to /join LightRealm to begin, or hit the button in your Game Menu.

Published by Roxas