Frostvale Rebuilt!

Hello, everyone!

It's time to celebrate Frostval! 

In today's release, you are going back to Frostvale Village, as the Frost Moglins have returned back to their own home. Not only that, but the Chrono Lords has finally decided to descent to our world; and their landing place seems to be the Frostvale Village itself! That's only good for us, isn't it?

You can talk to Chronix, the Chrono Lord at /join Frostvale to access this year's Frostval Rares - shop, which contains items (and the 2016 giftboxes) that will be the only rares this year's Frostval Event will have.

Also, if you investigate the village a bit better, you will find two secrets - one is harder to find, but another is more simple than that, and counts as my first Christmas Present to the players of the game. What they are, you have to find out for yourself!

Clue 1: Through the village, you find a path, one that has been lost for years.
Clue 2: A moglin is holding a pile of something, that gives you knowledge about someone's corruption.

Follow the given clues to find the secrets this year's map contains! Also, if you investigate the map a little bit better, you will be able to access the snow fields where you can have a snowball fight with the other players who are on that area! A lot of fun, isn't it?

NOTE: There will be no release next week, sadly. It's going to be the Christmas Week ahead of us, and I will be celebrating it, and on December 26th, I will be going on a holiday trip, which means that after that, I will be working on new releases for you guys again. Next week I'll be keeping though ( December 17th to December 26th ) as my holiday, so should you!

Merry Frostval to everyone!

Published by Valoth