Frostval 2016 - The Icy Volcano!

Greetings, everyone!

It's time to return back to this year's annual Frostval story line. You have been called forth to the Icy Volcanoes where Kezeroth's new army is located at. The Glacial forces are making a swift move through the falling snow and the freezing ice, and their attack will surely be happening, sooner or later. You have to go and stop as much as you can and prepare for whatever Kezeroth, and his for now unknown ally are planning for your heads! If you have completed the Cyber Realm map, you can /join IceVolcano to access this release's quests.

The release comes with a stronger version of Shadow Walker Class; only accessible through the quests of this release. Also the boss monster of the map has some items for you as drops; including an all-new house, and a couple of returning house items as well.

Enjoy with the release!

Published by Valoth