Arrival of the Darkness

Hello, everyone!

I've started planning out for the future stories that will start out after the New Years' celebrations is done for, and there are already a couple of things that I am able to already reveal to you guys.

First of the things is that the Valoth Saga is going to come to a conclusion; the finale of it will allow the heroes to rescue Lord Valoth from the grasp of Darkness that he fell into back in 2014 - and this one's going to happen once the Chrono Lords decides to descent to the world and to allow you guys one trip back in time to undo something that the Heroes could find as a benefit for them.

After all of this happens, it of course results in that the main villain itself is turned into one of the heroes; one of the good guys! And that would leave the game without a new main villain to replace the role of the former one; but never fear. I've already got plans for that one, as well.

A demon from the deepest abyss is going to arrive - one, that has seen the hell - even the purgatory. But not only that - the same demon has been to the heaven before, as well. This has resulted in the mastery of the both light and dark arts - ending up in a reincarnation of a monstrous being that is able to use the powers of good AND evil for it's plans... Also, he seems to have quite much of a good knowledge about what has the other villains this far done to the world. He seems to know every last one of them - and you do remember, that there has been many of them - all the way from Valoth to the beings like Valtrith, and even Caitiff. This new coming person seems to know them all, in a way or another. Less or more, it is unknown for now though, if the new arrival though has plans over them, yet. Only the time will tell, if the new villain will have anything planned for their heads - is it for joining forces with them, or to plan to take them all out to allow more areas for him to conquer.

Click this link if you wish to see what the villain would look like.

Anyways. What do you expect to come from a foe - one that will abuse the realms of good AND evil at the same time? Feel free to discuss about this! You should be able to see the villain soon enough... but not until Frostval is saved from Kezeroth, though. And not until the Necrotic God is down for good.

Published by Valoth