Frostval 2016 - Lifeless Cyber Realm!

Greetings, everyone!

It's time to start up our Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and not long after that) celebrations!

First off, I have made a new release for you guys, to continue the Frostval 2016 story line. In this release, you're going to the Cyber Realm, one which has completely been drained out of it's life essence by Xemnas, from Organization XIII! The only person who can aid you though with this will be Lord Valoth, the Necrotic God of Doom, a.k.a the former Dark Lord and leader of FireFall, but note... he won't be giving his aid to you easily! You have to convince him  first before he will give you some... useful information about what's going on.

Second off, I have made some Lifeless versions of already existing items for you guys - some of them are also suggested by YOU, my dear friends! The items are the following:

  • Dark Lord Valtrith Armor, Helm and Cape
  • Lifeless Caster Armor, Hair, Mask and Cape
  • Lifeless Light of Destiny + dual wield
  • Lifeless Dragon Blade + dual wield
  • Lifeless Chaorrupter + dual wield
  • Lifeless Kingdom Key + dual wield
  • Lifeless Burning Blade + dual wield
  • Lifeless Blade of Doom + dual wield

Note, that there is a high chance for a couple of more Lifeless - items to arrive soon. But note... to get them all (current ones and possible other coming ones) you will require Rank 10 Chrono - Reputation, that you can get from the final quest of this week's release!

Thirdly, the Game Menu also has been updated with a new shop from the other artists of the team. They also has something for you guys... and do expect that shop to get updated by them even more, as well! What could they have in store for you? O_O

Lastly... prepare. The rumors says of a Thanksgiving War starting next week. (Or at worst scenario, even earlier.) You totally haven't seen the last of Xemnas, no, not at all... ;)

Happy playing!

Published by Valoth