Pinkomantic Isles

It's time for the last of the new farming maps - the Pinkomantic Isles!

You have been wandering (and farming) through the different levels of Mount Frosty ( /join MountFrosty all the way to /join MountFrostyG ) and now you find yourself at Pinkomantic Isles. ( /join pinkomanticisle )

Access the new map, farm for the greater amount of experience, and collect the Shards of Insanity. If you have Rank 10 Insanity - reputation, you can use enough of these shards to forge some Orbs of Insanity from Nulgath's Merge Shop at /join Initium, to get the Insane Lord - class and armor set. Note that the Insane Lord is same as Insane Overlord was, but with even more damage.

Also, the rumors says that next weekend, the Thanksgiving Event + Black Friday items would arrive. What might the Black Friday contain? Also, note that Cyber Monday is also coming soon, and even it comes up with some items.

Final Note - the /join pinkomanticisle map is Level 125+ exclusive only.

Published by Valoth