Necrotic Arrival

Good afternoon, everyone.

It's Thursday, but also a release day. This week's release is now live, and even better, it's one day earlier than originally planned. 

Today you get to fight Valoth's newest form as the Necrotic God of Doom - as a consequence of letting him to win the Darkest Doom - war. This fight is the longest one of all time in Augoeides you've ever seen, but no worries - as long as you can keep yourself alive, you will be good to go.

The boss has highest health and defense out of any boss in the game, but the weakness is that this boss lacks the skills of the immunity - so use your best buffs and debuffs, to finish this boss off. You also can have up to 15 players inside of the map, so you should totally be able to defeat this boss easily, even if it will take some time. (This one was done by purpose; to see how long it takes for you guys to defeat the boss.)

Also... the rumors speaks of Caitiff meeting with Donald Trump, soon. What could this mean?

Published by Valoth