The Conqueror - Fixes & Changes

Good afternoon.

I'm writing this post right now, because I feel like I have to do so, because of something I've noticed that went horribly wrong with The Conqueror - class, which I only by now had noticed. Let me explain you what happened, and what I had to do and how I made it up to you guys, before you guys start the discussion and feedback.

I noticed The Conqueror's skills made the heals to kill and hurt the players which never was intended. I tried my best to find a solution to this but there was nothing to be found so, I had to do a couple of changes to the class itself.

+ The Damage of the Class got boosted up dramatically to match up with the intentions of the Conqueror's damage.
- The effects of the Conqueror got decreased. The ultimately unfair set of effects made it to affect every player who were fighting monsters/bosses, which included The Conqueror with them to help them.

I do hope you guys understand this was the only choice. Please share your thoughts on the comments section so if there is something you're displeased with this still, I can take a look at it to make it up to you, if there still is something.

Published by Valoth