Nulgath Fans: Dimensional Champion Class

Hello, everyone.

I've forgotten almost completely to post something about this, but I'll fix it now - yesterday evening, I've released a new class to Nulgath's Merge Shop, at Neutral's NPC in Faroff - the Dimensional Champion - class! If you're wondering how to get this Class, you will need the following:

  1. Level 150
  2. Rank 10 Ravenloss
  3. 13 x Diamond of Nulgath
  4. 50 x Dark Crystal Shard
  5. 20 x Gem of Nulgath
  6. 50 x Tainted Gem
  7. 1 x Voucher of Nulgath (non-vip)
  8. 3 x Totem of Nulgath

The class is made to be very useful one. The Class' auto attack will permanently disable the target's chance to dodge until the end of the combat (until he/she/it dies) but not only that, you have also an alternative choice of making up to 5 targets to receive the same effect. Though, only the main target will be able to permanently lose the dodge chance at time. Also, this Class is meant to be a multi-hit target, with a stun that opens the targets for 5 times more damage, and also it comes up with another skill that will nerf the stats of your target at the cost of increasing it's haste. The class does even have a multi-target healing skill, but it will not be giving you any buffs.

For short, this Class is very useful for debuffing, and excellent for PvP fights. It should have a good suitability in the 1 vs. 1 fights, due to it's high range, but I'd not be most likely saying the same in the Champion Arena fights. Though, you might have a chance to survive well in the Bludrut Brawl fights as well if you aid your team while using this Class.

Hopefully you enjoy the Class, note that it will not be going rare. Also, if you do wonder where to farm for more Ravenloss Reputation, there are quests you can do more than once, at /join Snowloss. But please keep it in mind though, that you have to be up-to-date with my stories before you get to that far with the farming. (So in order to actually max out Ravenloss, you need to have some stories completed first.)

Published by Valoth