This Week: Sepulchure vs. Valoth WAR!

Howdy, guys!

It's Monday, but it still will be as good time as at anytime, to let you know about the big events that is going to happen this week, here in Augoeides. Read out the whole post, to find out as much as possible about the plans that I have set in store for the Heroes and the Villains alike...

Alright, so, this Friday, there will be another war going to happen once again. And I don't even need to mention this, but I still will do - the next Dark Lord of the series will arrive during the war as well - the legendary, dreaded and powerful Baneful Dark Lord itself! This will be the next Dark Lord in the series after Exalted Dark Lord (Blood Feud War) happened. But because this will be a two-way war, and Sepulchure will be the opposition team...  there will be also Baneful Doom Knight - class coming, as well.

Now that we have that taken care of, let me mention something about the story-line so far that leads to this war.

Valoth and Sepulchure have been enemies since the dawn of time, ever since the first Loredon attacks happened. Sepulchure did something horrible to Valoth and the people that he loved so much about, that made him to turn in to the Darkness, and ever since those days, those two men have been eternal enemies for life. Not only that, but Sepulchure's increased amount of arrivals have made Valoth aware of this as well, and now it all leads to a dark and fiery war where your only goal is to make sure that both of the sides will be taken down - unless you want to see a horrible fate filled with fire and darkness.

Sepulchure has brought upon the Infernal Bugs of Wargoth, including the Doomed Insect-Beetles, Infernal Imps, and Infernal Goblins. To counter this, Lord Valoth's side will be bringing up the possessed RiftWalkers, Cryptics, and Ascendants against Sepulchure's forces... AND against you. Yes, both of the sides will be fighting each other, but they will totally make sure that you will also be having a hard time in the middle of their big, bad mess.

Also, someone who is claiming to be the owner of these Infernal forces, have been whispering to you Heroes, from the shadows. This war will be a pleasant one for this mysterious, unknown person who's identity is unknown at least for now. What if the whole conflict between Sepulchure and Valoth is caused by this specific fellow? What will you do when the war begins?

Stay tuned for more spoilers, etc. information regarding this week's release later this week!

Published by Valoth