Mogloween 2016 Finale - Castle Valtrith

Good morning, everyone!

It's time to begin the day with this week's release, isn't it? Oh, it is? Good! Then you want to keep reading.

The final release for Mogloween Storyline has been released, /join Castle Valtrith to access it. (To access the quests in the map though, first complete /join HallowedWoods , after that, /join MusicalHub and then /join MogloTitan before this one.)

This is the biggest release ever of mine. It comes  up also with 5 classes:

- Pumpkin Knight ( Rep, Shop at /join Castle Valtrith )
- Pumpkin Commander ( Rep, Shop at /join Castle Valtrith )
- Infernal Lord ( Boss Drop from /join Mogloween )
- Shadow Paladin ( Rep, Shop at /join Castle Valtrith )
- Caitiff ( Rep, Shop at /join Castle Valtrith )

The items for this week's release are from Valtrith's Shop at the new map, some of the items also drops from /join Mogloween. Note though, that the special boss at /join Mogloween must be soloed, and is for Level 125 only. Fight in the map itself to find out though, that why.

Note that the Valtrith - boss at /join Castle Valtrith is NOT meant to be defeated. This is not a bug, or anything, the boss is meant to take no damage at all, and to kill you instantly on hit. You can defeat the other bosses except him in the map, though. This one is not a bug, or anything, it's intended addition for the end of this story.

Happy weekend, and have fun with the event! 

Published by Valoth