Moglotitan Attacks


Today is Friday, and it means it is also a release day. Today, I have brought you a epic showdown against the Moglotitan, and Giant Caitiff. This is a continuation to the Mogloween Storyline in form of two boss fights - a couple of quests, and a big load of rewards as a drop.

Caitiff has decided to betray you now that Adam's plans to ruin the Halloween has failed. She thought that she could use you for her new plan, one that is not fully even developed at this point. She decides to take on you personally, especially now when she has regenerated back to her real form, which she's well enough able to use to battle against you. The giant size of this monstrous villain is only possible because she absorbed every life force out from the Hallowsters that still were remaining.

Now, it is up to you to finish this.

The boss monsters for this week's release has drops; the Moglotitan has the Mogloween items, while Caitiff has some custom items made by our wonderful artist, Sainty! Caitiff's drops are 1% though while the Moglotitan's drops are 10%.

Next week will be a epic one, as well. During next week, the Mogloween Town will be opening up and the ending of Mogloween Saga happens. More than that is planned though to come!

Next Week's stuff:

- The Mogloween Finale!
- Mogloween Town Opens!
- Halloween 2016 Classes releases! (MORE than one.)
- Evolution of Jaysun

Published by Valoth