Patch 10/17/16

A new patch is live. Read below to learn about the latest changes.

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For bugs reporting, please mail to [email protected]

General Updates

  • Reverted to the old damage formula since too many complains due to low damage
  • Damage reduction system: each monster will now have their own unique damage reduction buff which decreases their damage taken
  • Monster's health (HP) decreases for some bosses and monsters
  • Existing monsters with more than 5,000,000 HP have atleast 40% damage reduction, highest value at 81%
  • New quest mode: quests would require a specific item to be inventory to be able to accept the quest - does not disappear when turning in
  • Monster Immunity:  some new bosses will imune to all stuns, freezes, and all other aura debuffs (more challenge!). * Immune * buff effect will be shown.
  • Monster Attack Speed: some new monsters may attack faster than usual (previously fixed 2.5 seconds)
  • VIP contracts became temporarily untradable due to inflation
  • Greed Enchantments drop rate raised by 0.5%

PvP Changes

  • PvP damage formula adjustment: no more 1-shot, only 10% damage output, base amplifier varies depending on target level; also affects heal over time 
  • Auto teleport to battlefield once arena queue is full in 5 seconds (if you are in queue). This include Guild Wars, all members will be teleported without member confirmation.
  • Added command /queuecount - Type in the chat to see all arenas queue status
  • Penalty for leaving on-going match. Battle Points will be deducted by 1000.

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