Friday: Adam's Musical Event!


I promised you guys that I would today be writing about what is coming this Friday to Augoeides. This week has been a big one; we started off with the prologue for Halloween / Mogloween 2016 event on Sunday, continued it off with a challenge fight against Valtrith on Monday, and now on Friday... well, obviously, the Halloween / Mogloween storyline of the month will get it's second installment! (This fast already, you ask? Well, because I have time, that's the simplest way to answer to that!)

During the Friday's release, you will be able to access the hub-area of the Musical Event that is going to begin. There, you will find the second story quests for Halloween - which you will complete at the Musical Tower, which mysteriously (and seriously, I mean mysteriously) looks like a deserted area of Nostromo. How could someone such as Adam Hallberg (Yes, Valoth's son) capture a entire area inside of a magical tower, and to use it for his own evil? Only he may ever know...

You will meet Leyla Hallberg, who will send you on the quests to stop whatever Adam Hallberg and his "The Hallowsters" band is doing. While fighting the increased numbers of the Hallowed Moglinsters, you will be hearing out a song from Adam Lambert, known as "Master Plan." The reason I've chosen his song for this event is because of the character, and because the song's name fits for Adam Hallberg's stuff as well.

ALSO, once the event begins, there will be no special shop where the items would go to. The items that will release, will be either monster, or boss (Yes, there will be three boss fights) drops. And of course, like for Sunday's items, you will be going to require Rank 10 Mogloween - reputation to be able to use them.

If you wonder how you should prepare for this event, first, /join HallowedWoods. The Musical begins this Friday, October 7th!

Oh and as side note - this month's releases of mine all will be about the Halloween / Mogloween month. Please do discuss in the comments and give your feedback about the idea of having a month filled with the specific holiday's releases ( a.k.a Halloween this month, Christmas on December, and so on. ) idea! Your comments regarding this topic is important!

Published by Valoth