Mogloween 2016 Begins

Greetings, everyone!

It's time for the Mogloween / Halloween 2016 storyline to begin. And yes - by me, of course! This does mean that I have returned - and it's because of you awesome players out there, who wanted that to happen. And for that, I do thank every single one of you.

Anyways, in this release, you have to join forces with Caitiff once again at the Hallowed Woods, where the Moglins have started to turn into monstrous Moglinsters. But who has done this? Will you ever survive long enough to find out what is happening? If you do want to find out more - then just simply /join HallowedWoods (or hit the button in your game menu) to begin!

Once you complete the story quests in the map itself, you will unlock a easy farming quest for a lot of new items. Also note that the monsters and the boss in the map also has a few drops as well in store for you, so you do have something to look ahead for. The following armor sets have been released in this release:

* Cursed Legion Naval Commander
* Dark Seas Ruler
* ShadowFang Sorcerer
* ShadowFang Assassin
* Royal Raider

Also as heads up... this will not be all for this week. Just who knows, I might have a surprise (or few? Only time will tell!) later this week as well. So stay tuned!

Published by Valoth