Fashion Runway!

Several years have passed by already since the day we opened. Surely times flies by! And of course, time passing by can only mean one thing: your wardrobe has expanded significatly since you first created your character. Of course, we are not here to judge your gaming decisions, but we will surely be the ones to judge your fashion sense. If you think you are up to the challenge, better give it a try!

So what are we looking for? Basically, we want to see your favourite look ingame. You will have to take a pretty screenshot to compliment your look. Pick the best scenario for your fashion and dyes choices. The best ingame expression also helps, so better make a good use of those social skills!

Event Details:

  • You will have exactly one week (until October 1st) to post your screenshot on this thread.
  • You can participate with only one character and one screenshot.
  • You have to choose between one of the three following categories:
    • A) Best Dressed Female Character
    • B) Best Dressed Male Character
    • C) Best Dress Couple* (In this category, character of different or same gender can participate. You cannot participate in the best dressed female or male character categories if you decide to join, either your partner. You cannot be the owner of both characters on the screenshot)
  • You can only edit general settings of the screenshot (colors, shadows and lights) but you cannot modify or add anything to the screenshot.
  • It must be a screenshot of your OWN character and on THIS server.
  • The general overcome will be taken at the time of judging the event: How you interact with the environment, how the scenery compliments your outfit, the general thematic of the screenshot, etc.
  • Best Couple Category is indeed harder since both looks should compliment each other.
  • You can combine different dyes, face accesories, hair accesories, costumes, wings, and even outfits. 
  • There's no max or min requirements in the amount of items that should be in display.

We will select a total of 4* winners:

  1.  Best dressed female (1 person)
  2.  Best dressed male (1 person)
  3.  Best looking couple (2 people)

(*) Is the admin prerrogative to choose more winners if it seems appropiate.


Best dressed female and male characters will be able to choose a helm and costume of own selection. (No class)

In addition, winners of best couple category will receive 5,000 RoyalCoins.

Post your screenshot in the comment section below! Goodluck!

Published by rin