Scam Alert

It is my duty to let you know that at least one fraudulent Augoeides website has been discovered and it doesn't look like its an isolated incident. I've blocked the url from the photo below so as to avoid steering you guys in the wrong direction. But you can see from the screenshot, that the page uses some official Augoeides imagery. Other pages on the site also use the same text we use on our official website to try to fool you into a false sense of security. While this page is pretty easy to identify as a fake, there could be others that look more official. 

Here are some tips for avoiding fraudulent sites. 

The domain should always be, "" no matter what precedes it. Asking for all of your information. In this example, you can see that they are asking for your password and email information as well. Do beware, some fraudulent sites may know about this and try to emulate our login requirements to steal your account. 

Promises that seem too good to be true. Although this website doesn't explicitly state that you'll get something for entering your account information, some websites or programs will promise you gold, coins or exclusive items if you enter your account information.

Augoeides will NEVER ask for your password in case your account is locked or disabled due to illegal activities.

I hope this information can help save some of you some anguish and frustration. If you've found a fraudulent site, please let us know about it and / or post it in this thread so that others will know to avoid it as well. 

Thanks for your time, everybody!

Published by rin