Space Void's Arrival!

Hello, Everybody!

I am Scrim, one of the newest staff members of Hidden Project.

I am 14 years old and want to help the server progress with new releases and being as helpful as I can. I am willing to help on a daily basis and would sacrifice my own time to help the players of Hidden Project by listening to them and trying my best to eliminate their problems. I am happy to work as a staff member on Hidden Project and release items in order to keep players occupied.

If you see me playing, I'd be happy to help you with problems and reply to any questions you may ask! 

The Space Void has arrived!

You've been banished into the depths of space and are now trapped among the galaxies. The world of Augoeides is in trouble! You must work your way back to Earth over several events, each quest bringing you a step closer to victory. Will you, the hero of Augoeides, be able to get back and save the helpless? /join Space Void or access the the event from the game menu in order to progress and work your way way back.

Your rewards for fighting relentlessly to work your way back to Earth are:

  • Void Commander (An all new class)
  • Galactic Revontheus Armor
  • Galactic Bandana
  • Galactic Starsword
  • Galactic Fists
  • Ancient Void Warlock Armor & Hood
  • Void Gate Keeper Armor, Cowl & Cape

The rewards require a brand new reputation (Space Void) you may earn by fighting your way through this all new storyline.

Good luck, Heroes!

Published by Scrim