Drop System & VIP Perks Update

A new patch update for the drop system! Previously, every drop items from any monsters had a certain % chance to drop, allowing a monster to drop more than one item at the same time. I wanted to give it a more randomized feel, like any other popular mmos: now all monsters will now drop only 1x item which is generated by the RNG distribution formula based on each item's drop chanceThere is no way to predict what these numbers will be, and there is no way to recreate the same numbers later. In your term, it's probably known as RNGesus. 

You can, however, increase the number of drop items by using treasure lucky charms which can be obtained by Daily Logins for free or PvP Shop!

VIP Package Revamp

Having VIP status now grants you 50% Character EXP, Class Points, Reputations bonus and 10% drop rate increase. This is stackable with server rates and other boosts items! Note that when you buy VIP, make sure to check your inventory and activate the contract. Your VIP contract will be automatically renewed if you already have membership in effect. You can also sell or gift this contract to other players. 

Published by rin