Blood Feud - Final Boss Fight + Wheels!

Good afternoon, everyone.

The Blood Feud War's finale has officially been released, and you're going to fight off Lucas, once again. He has the war rewards as boss drops for you, so go and fight him to get them out. /join BloodFinale to fight and gain your items!

Also - the promised DragonSlayer General - Class is now live as well. Note that this one is a soloing class with offensive skill set, and it lacks a healing skill. Though, if you really need to heal, the best weapon I recommend to use with this class is the Evolved Bloodletters of Nulgath that you can find from /join DarkBirthday - map. This class is purely made for weakening your target's defenses and damage, so it's useful class for you to use. Visit the Blood Feud map and complete the Turn In button's quest to train your Draconic Reputation for the Class!

Also... The Dreambeats are in play. You might hear this musical infection already in our log in screen... and man, you don't want to find out that what comes next as the result of it. This will be revealed next week.

Oh, and don't forget, the Wheels of Doom and Destiny has been updated. These wheels will be available until next Friday, with 33 ALL-NEW items this far. There's a chance that, if I find more, they has a chance to get added as well. I've decided to take a turn towards all-new gear for the Wheels for this round, hopefully you'll enjoy what it right now has. (And what it has a chance to get soon.)

Published by Valoth