Valtrith Token

Item, Level 1

A token granted to the Heroes who have proven themselves worthy in the Death of the Dark Lord - event. Stacks up to 60,000.

Related Information

Monster Location
Legacy Knight Grovemoor
Legacy Knight Grovemoor
Draconic Legacy Knight Grovemoor
Legacy Assassin Grovemoor
Legacy Mage Grovemoor
Black Legacy Knight Grovemoor
Legacy Brawler Grovemoor
Valoth Grovemoor
Blood Queen Grovemoor
Ultra Blood Queen Grovemoor
Vordred Grovemoor
Ultra Vordred Grovemoor
Super-Ultra Mega Valtrith UltraSnowPath
Ultra Hades ultrahades
World Destroyer ShadowRoof
Miltonius Frostvale


  • 0 Gold Price
  • None Element
  • None Faction
  • 100 DPS Base
  • 14070 Quantity