Villain Token

Item, Level 1

Keep this Token! You can use it for the Tournament of the Evils - Gear.

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Related Information

Monster Location Drop Chance
Elite Naval Commander evilarena 100%
Elite Naval Commander conquerorchallenge 100%
The Elite Doctor evilarena 100%
The Elite Doctor conquerorchallenge 100%
Elite Assassinator evilarena 100%
Elite Assassinator conquerorchallenge 100%
Elite Scythe Master evilarena 100%
Elite Scythe Master conquerorchallenge 100%
Elite DreadFiend evilarena 100%
Elite DreadFiend conquerorchallenge 100%


  • 12,500 Gold Price
  • None Element
  • Faction
  • 100 DPS Base
  • 1,790 Quantity