Legacy Token

Item, Level 1

Tokens of omnious power, granted by Lord Valoth, or couple of his minions for completing the tasks of the Legacy. These Tokens stacks up to 60,000. Usable for multiple useful stuff.

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Related Information

Monster Location Drop Chance
Trolloth trolloth 1%
Sepulchure EternalNight 1%
Ultimate Lycan ultimate 1%
Drakath LegacyOrigins 100%
Lesser Hades hades 35%
Ultra Hades ultrahades 20%
Miltonius Frostvale 50%
Xemnas weekendraidxemnas 35%
Valoth's Legacy Shop


  • 0 Gold Price
  • None Element
  • Faction
  • 100 DPS Base
  • 23,540 Quantity