World War Valoth Badge

Item, Level 1

Gained by defeating a minion of Valoth's Legacy Army during any of the on-going Legacy Wars. This badge means victory, victory means power, and power means you're the right man for the battle! Good job, hero.

Related Information

Monster Location
Legacy Elemental anothernomap
Legacy Elemental dickslap
Legacy Ice Mage anothernomap
Legacy Ice Mage dickslap
Legacy Fire Mage dickslap
Legacy Witch dickslap
Legacy Witch deadmap
Chaotic Valoth dickslap
Chaotic Valoth ravenlossrare2014
Vordred wildernesswar
Legacy Paladin wildernesswar
Legacy Warrior wildernesswar
Legacy Necromancer wildernesswar
Noxus Venomowrath
Noxus wildernesswar
Dragon Fluffy wildernesswar


  • 0 Gold Price
  • None Element
  • None Faction
  • 100 DPS Base
  • 263 Quantity