Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Can I be a moderator?

Moderator work is time consuming and can sometimes seem thankless. It is not always easy and not always fun. You will make new friends but may also lose some. From time to time you will be called upon to make hard decisions - even some you may personally disagree with. That said, it can also be your most rewarding experience on Augoeides.

Moderator status is gained by invitation. Do not ever ASK for it.

Question #2: How can I become an ambassador?

The Ambassadors is the branch of the volunteer program that helps with player support. They specialize in helping players, new and old with any questions or problems they may have. One of their duties is to personally greet new players, giving them a good start in the game as well as welcoming them to Augoeides. They also maintain a presence in the help channels providing moderation, support and answering questions where required.

Always check our newsboard and see if we are still looking for any ambassadors. Ambassadors are basically old players who have played the game for a very long time and know how the game works. Don't apply if you're still new. Also - if you don't get a reply from Administrators within 24 hours, I'm dearly sorry but you weren't chosen.

Question #3: Can I have free RoyalCoins?

Yes. There are few ways to get RoyalCoins:

1. Simply log in every day.
The server is giving away 500 RoyalCoins every week, that is approximately 168,000 RoyalCoins to give out every single week. Leaving your character in AFK state while doing something else also helps!

2. Farm materials, resources and sell.
We have provided Trading and Auction System in-game, enabling players the thrill of business throughout the whole game, you are able to make gold as you level up from level 1.

3. Participate in PvP battlefields.
By participating in various battlefields, featured heroes in the leaderboards will receive a special title and additional extra RoyalCoins for their hardwork. The weekly ranking resets every week, therefore everyone in the server has the chance to win the prizes. Only top three will receive the best prizes and the rest will still get extra 100 RoyalCoins. Click here for more information.

Question #4: My account is hacked / stolen / lost! What do I do!?

Most accounts that are 'Hacked' are not truly 'hacked.' An account is stolen because a player has given their password out to a 'friend,' who then takes advantage of that information. Players do this because the 'friend' has promised them in-game items, gold or AdventureCoins and no one can give you these things in-game. We have no control over what information you give to another player, but YOU DO. Remember, we do not allow players to share, trade, sell or give away accounts.

Go to this page and fill the required fields. We will send you your new password via e-mail. If you do not remember your e-mail address you used for your account, we are sorry to inform you that we can't retrieve your account no matter what. You cannot get an account back in-game or via our in-game reporting system.

If you have purchased from our service (eg: membership, royalcoins), it may be possible to retrieve your account by providing one of your most recent transaction ID(s) to us as proof of ownership. Please email [email protected] to contact our staff.

Question #5: When do you guys release new content?

Mostly on the weekends so anywhere from Friday to Sunday. And please don't complain if there's no new content - Staff members also have a life to deal with.

Question #6: I paid for an upgrade but I haven't received it yet, HELP!

If you paid by PayPal, please get your PayPal transaction ID number or receipt ID number. To do this, you need to look at your PayPal email confirmation, your PayPal Account or contact PayPal for your payment information.

After you have your PayPal transaction ID, you will also need your Account User Name, Character ID and the email address that is associated with your Augoeides account.

In the comments section of the form below, please write include your User Name, Email Address, transaction ID or Receipt ID (these are case sensitive, so COPY and PASTE this information)

If you choose to pay with a payment option where PayPal has to wait for the payment to clear, such as with an echeck, you will be upgraded only after the payment has cleared. If you paid with echeck, check to see when your payment is scheduled to clear before contacting us. We cannot cancel an echeck, you will have to wait for it to clear first before canceling.

If you paid by PayGol, please contact staff members and include your PIN and phone number you used for your payment.

Question #7: I have suggestions for Augoeides! How do I share them?

Many people want to share their suggestions for Augoeides with us. We created a forum just for suggestions. We do want to hear your suggestions and comments for Augoeides. They help us shape the game!

If you have a Suggestion or Comment about Augoeides, we would be happy to hear from you. Please post your Suggestion or Comment on the Forums as that is where we look to see what players think. This is the only place that we will look for Game Suggestions.

Question #8: How do I confirm my email address?

Confirming your email address will allow you to chat, receive our newsletter and your confirmed email cannot change without your permissiom via email.

To confirm your email address you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in, there will be a message to you in the game chat that informs you that you need to verify your account. If you don't have this, scroll up a little and click the "Send Verification". Click here for the screenshot

Step 2: Log into the email address you used to create you account and look for an email from InfinityArts. Also check your junk/spam folders. Click here for the screenshot.

Step 3: Click the provided link to verify your account. Click here for the screenshot.

Question #9: Am I allowed to share, trade, sell or give away my account?

We do not allow people to share, trade, sell or give away accounts. This is a direct violation of our Rules and Terms and Conditions. People most often are "hacked" because they share an account with a friend. If you share your account with someone, it means that you have to share your account user name and your password and this significantly lessens the safety and security of your account.

We also do not allow players to share game account verifications. If we see that you are sharing accounts and/or verifications, all of your associated game accounts could be banned/disabled.

You should NEVER share your password with anyone. If you think that someone may know your password, you should change it immediately. Please visit this help page to learn how to change your password.

Staff Members will never ask for your password. They do not need your password to assist you. If someone is asking for your password, they are not a staff member and are most likely trying to scam you.

Question #10: My account is suspended/disabled!

We regret to inform you that once your account is banned, any staff, be it may Administrators or Moderators, will be unable to lift the imposed ban. This is a new policy implemented to prevent players from doing anything that may harm any of the players, staff or other third-party sources.

With this policy in effect, all staff that has the power to impose a ban on a player, will only do so if and only if it is a very serious case. Any decision a staff member makes is FINAL. Only administrators that has the power to do so may impose an IP ban. In short: Once banned, goodbye. You have no excuses.

Effective as of June 29th, 2015 (GMT +8:00)

Accounts are banned or disabled for 3 types of reasons:

1. Rules Violations
If you break our rules in-game, your account will be banned or muted permanently. Since we have in-game moderators monitoring and manually banning players, bans and mutes cannot be appealed. If you receive a mute, it means you will not be able to use chat for the duration of the mute. There are ban/mute warnings posted to you in-game and emails that are automatically sent to your account email when you are banned/muted. The most common reasons that receive a ban or mute for rule-breaking in-game are: spamming chat, profanity/inappropriate language (evading our filters), verbal abuse, hate speech, sexual harassment or anything sexual in nature, griefing, packet spamming, using any kind of cheats/hacks/bots/trainers.

2. Account Issue
If an account looks compromised, shared or traded, it may be temporarily disabled until ownership can be verified. We do everything we can to protect our players and if an account does look compromised, it will be disabled until the actual owner contacts us or will be automatically returned to the original owner.

3. Payment Issue
If you have a payment issue, your account may be temporarily, or depending on the severity of the issue, permanently disabled. This includes any kind of refunds/disputes/chargebacks/etc that have affected the payments made to the account or any associated accounts. Whenever there is a payment issue, any associated game accounts are disabled as per our Refund Policy. If you did dispute a payment and want to get your account reinstated, please visit our contact us.

Repeated offenders may have their accounts permanently banned, muted or disabled. If you were warned by the InfinityArts Team for account sharing, trading, selling or gifting and/or your password/email was changed WAY too many times, your account may be permanently disabled. Keep your account secure and it only belongs to you! Please read our Rules and Terms and Conditions. All players have to agree to them before creating an account and twice when upgrading.

Please email us if you have any questions.

Question #11: I got scammed during in-game trade! Can I get my RCs or items back?

Augoeides is not responsible for any personal transactions that take place between parties in game. We advise players to make sure transactions are legitimate and to be cautious when dealing with trades. We have even added a lock system to avoid incidents.

That being said, we do not reimburse or offer any type of compensation if you are scammed during a trade.

Here are some things to watch out for when trading:

1. Characters that are low-leveled advertising a trade or selling high-tier items

2. A player who has to 'log on their other character' to give you the items/gold

3. A player who wants you to 'mail the items/gold first'

4. A player who wants to 'borrow an item/gold' and give it back later

5. A player who hesitates during a trade. When you lock the trade, if it unlocks always check and make sure they have not switched the items out.

When trading/selling items, always use common sense. If a trade doesn't feel right or if you want to be extra secure, SCREENSHOT OR VIDEO CAPTURE EVERYTHING. Take a screenshot of the trade agreement, the trade window, and the ending conversation after the trade. Doing so will help us when you report the issue.

Again, we will not reimburse any items or gold lost during these transactions, but if we receive multiple reports of the same people conducting scams - they can have their service suspended with Augoeides.

Contact Details

Bug Reporting / Feedback

Most of the bug reports we received are so poorly written that we could not figure out what the problem is.

In order for your bug report or request for help to be clearly understood by the people that can help the most, please follow these guidelines:

Please send email to our specified address above. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.