HeroesHaven Falls

Hello, everyone!

Sorry for not having a release for last week. I've had some personal stuff to solve, but those are taken care of - and that's why I can focus on the weekly releases for you guys, once again. Anyway, let's get down to the business for this week's update!

HeroesHaven is falling; the World Destroyer a.k.a Desolich has attacked. Necrotic God of Doom now knows your real power - after what you did to Xemnas in the Cyber Realm earlier. Now, he sent his greatest minion to destroy a whole region of Light; but how will you response? By fighting the destroyer itself, of course!

/join ShadowRoof or hit the game menu, to access this boss fight. You can get easier quantities of Doom Tokens (used for the Evolved Doom Lord - class from Fire Dome) and Valtrith Tokens, along with World Destroyer Tokens, for the World Ender - and World Destoyer - stuff. Also, you have chance to win the Shadow Ranger - armor and class (new!) from the boss, as well.

Also next week... as long as the time allows, the Frostval 2016 Storyline continues! Kezeroth is finally ready; and he's starting to make the next step in his plans. You're arriving to the Frostvale area once again, to escape and wait for the Chrono Lords... but what awaits you to challenge your survival skills, before you can save everything and everyone?

Also - note that Frostval 2016 storyline will be the last story of this year. The rest of the story releases and possible mini-updates will be focusing on it now; are you ready for the actual winter season? ;)

Published by Valoth