Frostval 2016: Tales of Frostval


Frostval is coming next month... and that also means a new story, as well. While you're right now fighting the threat of Necrotic God that might arise from the encounter of Sepulchure and Valoth, the people of Frostvale are preparing some... living tales for you to tell. This year everything should be going right & well, right? Surely no one would come and ruin the Frostval this year, right? We only can hope for the best. It all begins December 2nd, 2016!

This Frostval, I no more plan to return the Winteromancer and Santa Claus - classes (unless a popular demand for them comes, then most likely but as farm-able this time!), but that is just because I want to create all new Christmas classes for you guys - isn't that good thing, rather than to just use the old ones over and over again?

Anyway. We've come a long way for this - the year is done and over soon, and the new page is able to be opened. A lot of stuff will be happening in 2017, but we still have two months of this year to enjoy though, as well!

Just what might I have in store for you guys for this coming Christmas Event?

Published by Valoth