Staff Recruitment Open

Do you consider yourself a helpful person? Are you proud of your social skills? Are you capaible of managing a position of power? You believe you have something to bring to this community? If the answer to all those questions are yes, you may be exactly what we are looking for. Our community is expanding fast, reason why we will need extra hands to help our players. With this small introduction, we officially open the staff search.

What are the requirements to apply?
  • English speaking: You must be able to read and express yourself in english in an understandable way, even if is not your main language.
  • Available free time: Playing and helping to manage the community are two different things, and you will have to take some time from your own playing time in order to perform your staff duties. Daily logins are required.
  • Socially outgoing: Talking to people is unavoidable on the position. You need to have some patience, no hotheads or rude people allowed.
  • MySQL database management: You will be required to have a knowledge of mysql and some basic queries as you need them help us make weekly releases.

These are the mandatory requirements. If you think you don't meet any of them, please restrain yourself for applying.

Extra conditions (Non-excluyent)

  • Flash Designing: If you can create custom items, maps, and such, this will be taken into acount when making decision. (Big extra points!)
  • Game knowledge: If you are familiar with every aspects of the game, this will be taken into account when making the decision.
  • Multilanguage: The ability to speak more than one language will be taken into account when making the decision
  • Previous experience: If you have experience with similar positions in the past this will be taken into account when making the decision.
  • Technical Knowledge: If you are able to provide technical support, this will be taken into account when making the decision.

How do I apply?
You will have to send an email with your personal info (including name, age and name character) to: [email protected]. Do not send your application by any other means. Private messages and facebook messages not only will be eliminated automatically, but it will also immediately disqualify you as an applicant. We need people capable to follow simple instructions.

Only send your application once. All of them will be read, but not of them will be answered unless you have being chosen. We will be filling a total of 5 spots.

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